July is winding down . . .

 2022 is flying by, isn't it?

We're closing in on a wrap for Season 16 of Stacey David's GearZ and the new studio continues to slowly come together.

I have some new projects that are in preproduction that I'm looking forward to.

Tomorrow night we'll have a new Facebook Live of The Lifeboat at 8PM CST, I can't wait to hear what cool music they have planned for us.  I'll get to see & hear it in person!

I still have and use my EOS 70D, last year I added an M50 Mark2 for a gig and this year I picked up an EOS M6 Mark2.  Now there's 4K @ 24 & 30P (23.98 & 29.97fps) as well as 1080 in those framerates PLUS 59.94P & 120fps for slo-mo!  It captures some nice 30 megapixel stills as well.

I'm enjoying the mirrorless cameras.  The Phase Detect AF is fantastic!  I also like throwing some esoteric vintage lenses on them every now & then.  :-)  I've used my old Olympus OM film lenses and even adapted some old Wollensak C mount lenses and then shot some cropped 4K on the M50 Mark2.  The 25mm has some cool swirly Bokeh.

Obviously any of these cameras can also be used for streaming with the Canon EOS Webcam plug-in but I mainly use the M50 Mk2.  I have the mains power supply for it and I've used it with Zoom.

I've also recently added a teleprompter that is a complimentary size for these cameras.

I'm looking forward to working on campus at Vanderbilt and Lipscomb again when the new semester starts.  Which will be before you know it!

Alright, I was just reminded that it's "Caturday" so I guess that's all for now folks!



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