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January 2024, we just got to know you!

 1 month of 2024 almost in the history books! We're 3 episodes into GearZ Season 18! I have a music video shoot for a Pop/Country Legend coming up in a few weeks that I'm excited about. We recently added some GoPro Hero 10 Black action cameras to our arsenal, which have already helped to achieve some dynamic shots because of where they could fit! Rattletrap bought 2 and I got one for myself. We bought them through KEH in Like New and Like New Minus condition.  The Like New items were in the original packaging (it had been opened) and they still had the protective plastic over the lens and LCD screens! I'm mostly shooting at 4K 30P to allow any desired reframing in post. Obviously when it's appropriate we'll use some of the tremendous slo-mo capabilities of these little guys as well. We captured some great shots with a Mighty Might AND a tracked vehicle that will be featured this season.  No spoilers! The Hypersmooth is really good and could "almost" make o

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