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 We've wrapped up Season 17 of Stacey David's GearZ we're well over 200 episodes at this point! I've enjoyed some down-time and a welcome vacation trip. Now I've been lining up some freelance gigs in the meantime. I've already worked some distance learning for Vanderbilt University and athletics for Lipscomb university. Meanwhile I've also been watching some flicks.   I just saw Asteroid City and thoroughly enjoyed it. This weekend I'll be watching a quintessential French New Wave film that I haven't seen before, "Last Year in Marienbad".   I know, you're thinking, "a French New Wave film" that I haven't seen?!? It's one of those divisive films that leave you questioning everything you just saw.   More so but similar to Asteroid City, I suppose.  LOL I guess that's it for now. Have a great day I'll leave you with a clip for an industrial project I worked on a couple of months ago. Laser Cutter

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