May the 4th be with you, 2022

 Life, lately there have been a few reminders of how finite it is.

Never miss an opportunity to show someone that you love them.

Let's see, in March, at Lipscomb we wrapped up Basketball. 

In 2 1/2 days, coinciding with NRB, we shot interviews for over 20 episodes of The 3!  We accomplished this with a mix of Sony Mirrorless and Canon Mirrorless & DSLRs.  This season has already started airing.

There will be a treat for GearZ fans late in this season of The 3!  :-)

Season 16 of GearZ keeps moving along as we continue to tweak the new space.

Baseball & Softball seasons are in full swing at Lipscomb.

I worked on a proof of concept shoot for an upcoming feature film that I can't wait to see the results of.  It had been spring weather all week and then it snowed the morning of the first day of our shoot!  You know how that makes it easy to get around Nashville!  As things thawed out, one of the rural locations started looking more like a set from 1917 by the time the day was over!  Not that you'll see that on camera.

Make the most of your time.



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