2021 so far

 Welcome to the New Year.

So far the year has started off better than I expected it might.  I've been picking up some extra work shooting sports.  I'm thankful for the provision.

We're making good progress on Season 15 of Stacey David's GearZ.

It's a modified schedule and we're trying to keep everyone safe.

Despite the backorders, thanks to the AKM plant fire which has delayed several camera manufacturers, we have finally ordered our new cameras.  Actually the new cameras were still on back order until this week. 

 Thankfully during the fires, which raged for 3 days, 400 employees were evacuated with no injuries!

I was able to find Like New and Excellent Condition cameras and one of the lenses that we wanted at MPB where I have bought used gear before.

We now have a pair of Sony FS5 Mark 2 cameras and zoom lenses which will allow 4k and High Frame Rate HD with cameras that can fit into much tighter quarters than with our older "ENG/EFP" style cameras.  

I'm looking forward to the flexibility that they will afford us as well as the ability to create a more cinematic look.

Here's hoping that everyone stays safe out there and that we have a much more prosperous year than last year.

Also that maybe before too long we can feel (and be) safe enough to gather with a bunch of strangers in a darkened cinema and enjoy a film the way it was intended to be screened!

Until next time,



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