November 2019


It's been a good Autumn. 

We shot 8 installments of our new GearZ Restoration Series in August and September and those should be available on Amazon soon!

We've had a few days spread out since then in the GearZ studio and I've been working some freelance gigs including some college sports.  It's always fun to get in there and "follow the ball!"

I've added a new lens to my kit, a Canon EF 24-70mm f/4.0L IS USM, from KEH, and I'm loving it! 

I would love to have the f/2.8 but I really wanted IS for video especially and the price difference was absolutely a factor. 
Sure, I could have gone with the original version of the 24-70mm f/2.8 USM but I also wanted higher resolution in case I want to use my lens on a rental camera, like one of the new Blackmagic 4K or 6K pocket cameras.  I really can't wait to try those out!

I'm really liking the "throw-back" Macro feature, since that fits with a lot of what I shoot with Broadcast Cameras where I often need to be able to roll into Macro without having to change lenses.

I also was able to add Lens Baby Composer and Muse lenses in Canon EF mount to my kit.  Those are always fun!

I've really got to sit down and edit some lens comparisons and get them posted. . .

I also picked up a couple of Mole - Micky, Tweenie, Betweenie kits and a couple of Arri 650W Open faced kits recently as well as a couple of Chimera 1K kits.  I don't know if I'll hang on to all of this or sell some of it to help support my habit!  LOL


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