July 2019

Its been a good month so far.

I've worked several days with my friend Russ Sturgeon.
There have been meetings about upcoming projects.
I have an interview shoot coming up later in the week with a filmmaker that I have worked with many times.

More live streaming to Facebook and YouTube via Sling Studio.

I got a call last week to be an additional camera operator on the 1st episode of Season 2 of the CBS All Access show "Tell Me A Story" which is being produced in Nashville.  It was great seeing a lot of the same team that had worked on Nashville.

It's wonderful that a new series has come here and that it will employ so many of the crew base here around Nashville.

I truly feel that the value of the show Nashville, as a weekly commercial for Music City USA is highly underestimated.  Hopefully this new series will help showcase our town well.

To the critics of subsidies "being paid to Hollywood millionaires", so much more money came back into the community.  For salaries, materials, lodging, everything a new factory or distribution center would bring.  No one seems to cry when those get incentives.

I've personally encountered tourism brought here because of the series Nashville.  Some from outside of the U.S.

I recently (finally) updated the firmware in my MOZA Air gimbal, which added some cool new modes. 
I had been using it so much that I felt that I had to wait for some down time to feel comfortable performing the update and have some breathing room to play with the new modes before needing to use the gimbal again.

Life's good!  Let's go make movies!


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