June 2019

We've wrapped Season 13 of Stacey David's GearZ!  That's over 170 episodes total and at least 140 episodes that I have shot.  A milestone.

We even featured the Return of Copperhead in one episode, part of which was shot at The C10 Nationals.

I'm enjoying a little down time and taking care of a couple of projects around the house, while I have the time.  I have some freelance gigs coming up and we'll be shooting a special project soon at the GearZ studio.

Season 14 will kick off in the fall and we should be expanding our presence on Amazon steadily.  Season 12 episodes are being reformatted and uploaded currently and eventually our entire catalog will be available for streaming there. 

I should have updates coming soon on other projects. 
We're waiting to hear if The Hole Truth was accepted in The Nashville Film Festival ...

Enjoy the sunshine, I'm about to take the dog out and do just that!


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