October 2018


That Autumn chill is in the air!

September and October have been busy!  Which is great.  👍

Multiple days for The Vanderbilt School of Nursing and another Department.

I've also had a few days with MP Films as well and it's always great to work with Stan.

I also had the opportunity to operate one of the Jimmy Jibs on a few episodes of the Huckabee Show.

Next week we kick off Season 13 of Stacey David's GearZ!  This time we have a couple of projects nearing completion, some others returning from paint and who knows what new projects will roll in?

Well sure, Stacey does, but he's not telling just yet!  LOL

I still have a music video on the books with The Goldy Locks Band which has a very cool concept.

Here's a music video for Amanda Fields that I assisted Nathan Shuppert with.  He rented a Sony a7III and wanted to use my Moza Air gimbal, so I brought it and my led lights to augment his and we shot this single take video AND recorded the song live!  We got 6 full passes with several busted takes thanks to construction and traffic noise.  It was a pleasure to capture such a pure performance with such talented musicians.

When We're Gone, Long Gone

I'll be back soon!


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